Working as a visiting artist with the Painting,Drawing & Printmaking BA students at Plymouth College of Art on two occasions.In April 2014 with the then Level 4 group and then in November 2014 with the new level 4 intake of students.

The project was designed as a collaborative session using basic screen printing techniques to work instinctively and quickly on a large continuous print. No ownership for any particular part of the print was allowed in that students were encouraged to work all over the surface and to keep moving around.Using only paper stencils and simple open screen printing methods the students were able to respond to each others mark making as they worked. Discussions were held about the overall progress of the piece and what direction in colour and form it make take - although at now time did we loose sight of the experimental nature of the session.

It was exciting to see such large pieces of work emerge so quickly and using the ample space in the PDP studio to hoist the prints up and suspend them vertically completely changed their look and impact.